Irrelevant Information

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Irrelevant Information
Irrelevant Information - Resume Errors That Make You Unemployable

In addition to not cramming, you should avoid adding irrelevant information.

Only add information that pertains to the position you are applying for. 

If you are applying for a position in say, finance then you should not spend too much time talking about your other skills, such as cooking or landscaping. This is simply unnecessary and it will most likely only discourage the employer from reviewing your resume. List only skills that will be helpful if you do get the position and remember that you do not have to list every single job you have ever had. It is actually recommended to only list jobs that are similar to the one you are applying for. If you had dabbled in too many career paths, you will seem vacillating.

You can list the things that you have done for the past few years, but do not elaborate on details that are irrelevant to the position. Keep it relevant.

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