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Your boss is one of your number one priorities because essentially it is he/she that will determine whether you land a promotion or even get laid off.

Many people don’t like their bosses- but the majority of these people never let it show simply because they know it’s in their best interests to remain on friendly terms with the man in charge.

If you really want to land a promotion than you're going to have to make sure you develop a strong relationship with your boss – one that is based on mutual respect and trust. They should feel like you're the most valuable, reliable and hard-working member of their team and at the same time they should be able to observe some strong leadership and management qualities in you. This will ensure that when it’s time to hire for one of the more senior positions – you’ll be at the top of his mental list. Anyone else that is in a higher position that you – even if they’re in the position you have your eye on should also be treated well because they are the ultimate source of information, career guidance and mentorship – which you’ll be lost without. So how do you go about developing these relationships? You simply work for it. You have to be willing to do a lot of team work, listen a lot more than you speak and be an all-round decent guy. If people feel like they can come and talk to you to find the best solutions for any work challenges than you know you're already headed in the direction you want to go.

“When people feel trusted, they’ll do almost anything under the sun not to disappoint the person who gave them the gift of trust.”

– Rob LeBow

It’s also important for you to not only build a relationship with your superiors but also with everyone else in the company. The truth is that if everyone thinks you're a jerk this sentiment will spread throughout the company like wildfire – not to mention that it will affect your work since you’ll find your colleagues will be reluctant to work and cooperate with you. If this happens – you no amount of over-time will be able to make up for it so always remain o top of your game.

Also remember that people like to see commitment, willingness to learn and respect in their future leaders – so always pay attention to your behavior and attitude and adjust it to suit your needs. This does not however, mean that you should be too aggressive in your bid to get noticed – knowing how to pace yourself is a very crucial part of the process and requires a balance between getting noticed though self-promotion and being humble.

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