2. Montreal – Canada

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montreal international district
Montreal – Canada: 9 International Destinations – for Single Men

Montreal is the social capital of Canada – and more than 80% of the women that you’ll encounter on any given day are drop dead gorgeous –pretty much 8’s and above only.

Montreal has loads of pubs, bars, clubs and other sporting and social events that are crawling with single women. The dating scene is blooming with couples being seen kissing just about everywhere. The people in Montreal are all really approachable but what makes this my no. 2 pick is that women will approach and strike up a conversation with you without any hesitation.

Ivy Nightclub, Montreal

As mentioned the women are really drop dead gorgeous - it’s one of the best places to be a single guy. In Montreal the girls initiate the contact – which means it’s a little less tough than most of the other options.

Apart from the social gatherings – there are parks and plenty of day-time destinations for you to enjoy – and meet a pretty girl or two.

Montreal, Live Arena

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