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Miami – USA: 9 International Destinations – for Single Men

Miami is the playground of the rich and famous with ultra-luxurious boats, airplanes and homes defining its character.

Most of the women you’d meet here are not locals – they’ve moved over from other states and provinces looking to become models and meet rich men willing to spend a lot of money on them.

This doesn’t mean that an average guy won’t meet some stunning girls looking for a good time – you just have to know where to go and how to pay your cards right while you bask under the awe-inspiring palm trees and enjoy the company of the bikini clad babes.

You’ll see a mixture of Americans, Europeans and Latinas frequenting the beaches, bars, restaurant and nightclubs. It’s important to note that the majority of these women have extremely short attention spans and if at all possible should be taken out on a date immediately. This won’t be too hard since most of them are not working and do nothing more than work-out and look pretty.

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