9. Las Vegas – USA

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Sin-City is well-known as one of the top destinations for single men.

From its glamorous nightlife and famous sporting events to its popular strip-clubs, entertaining hookers and wild pool parties.

pool party in Vegas

If you're an avid gambler and love your women busty, blond and eager to please – this is definitely the place to find it. Since all the Hollywood blockbusters have already advertised this city to the world there isn’t really much to say – except to reiterate that this is the place that a single guy can get (and do) pretty much anything he wants.

Hakkasan nightclub in Las Vegas

The only downside is that in Las Vegas, you have to have a lot of cash to flaunt since it’s the city where money talks – sort of like Miami but to a greater extent. It’s not a place where anyone would want to stay for more than a week and, if you do, make sure you jump onto the New-York York Roller Coaster to get your blood pumping again.

Casino girls in Las Vegas

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