9 International Destinations – Built for Single Men

destinations for single men
9 International Destinations – for Single Men

There is nothing that can even remotely compare to the experience and thrilling excitement that travel offers.

Travelling alone may not seem too appealing at first – until you realize the opportunity that you, as a single man have to enjoy the company of some of the most beautiful women in the world, attend the hottest parties – and pretty much do anything the beer, sport and lady loving guy inside you desires.

From the bustling city of Las Vegas and the warm beaches of Brazil to the drunken buzz of Bangkok – travelling as a single guy will ensure you have the time of your life. These are the international destinations that will ensure a single guy never spends his days wandering empty streets and museums alone. If you're not planning on jet setting to a foreign land any time soon to meet some women you still have some great opportunities right where you are – from joining online dating sites to visiting some of the top clubs and bars and strip clubs – you're options are unlimited.

1. Riga – Latvia

One of the top-destinations for single men, Riga is a city with a sex-ratio favorable to the single man. With some of the most beautiful women in the world – think Russian blood lines and genes – these gorgeous women are classy, fun and always up for a good time. Your best bet is to approach the Russian Latvian girls who tend to be slightly more promiscuous than their pure-Latvian counterparts. In addition to the unparalleled beauty of the women in Latvia, you’ll enjoy the scenery, nightlife and you can stay in a pretty decent hotel for a decent price. Women are predominantly blonde but there are plenty of redheads and brunettes to suit all tastes. The women are all highly educated, many of them having more than one degree but, they are the friendliest women – and striking up a conversation in English is no problem since they speak multiple languages – Russian, Latvian, English and two or three other foreign languages. Well-educated Real-life Barbie dolls.

Don’t forget to stop by the Livu square to enjoy a cold beer and some delectable food. The Old Town District in the heart of the City is also a must-see. You chances of getting laid in Latvia are higher than any other destination in the world and the women are hotter too – so naturally it deserves the top-spot. It’s recommended that you book accommodation near the centre of the City – since this is where all the action is at.

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