Tim 'Sharky' Ward –still around pimping sluts, getting stabby, & telling kids to stay in school

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Tim 'Sharky' Ward | Pimp & Dog Lover in Pattaya

It’s been a while since Sharky, my favourite Thai pimp & hustler - patron of sluts and pawnbrokers – has made a news splash.

As per usual, when he isn’t making headlines and carrying Thai whores on his shoulders like feather-light trophies, everyone thinks he’s crawled off and died.

But the ‘self-made’ army of one is still up and at ‘em. Taking names and busting faces. Most recently he was ambushed by the Thai police-mafia in his Pattaya home in which drugs and used crack pipes has been planted in an attempt to take this gangster down. Sharky, who, in the past, has managed to keep his gold on him even while locked up in a jail cell surrounded by 100 men, lost this prized symbol of alpha-male-hood as well as about 1 million Thai Baht (USD$30,750). Needless to say, Sharky is pretty pissed off and eager to get his own back. But as he always says, ‘it’s about The Game” and he’ll bide his time until he can rip the corrupt Thai Police in Pattaya a new A-hole. Rumour has it he’s been hitting the Growth Hormone again to bulk up in preparation.


In the meantime the behemoth has been carrying on with business as usual, managing his girls, mafia industry and feeding stray dogs. Weighing in at 130 kg this tattooed juggernaut still enjoys spending his spare time, walking about the streets of Pattaya, hooker on arm, giving love and treats to the homeless hounds in the area. Having toughed it out growing up as an abandoned child in New Zealand, learning The Game on the streets, he is emotionless to all but his furry street friends to whom he relates. He also has a soft side for kids, as clean slates, he sees the potential for success, encouraging the young urchins to hit the gym but avoid the ‘roids so freely available in Thailand. The name Sharky actually comes from his early days as a child hustler, where he made a living by scamming fools in pool halls and bars. It serendipitously worked out that he would end up a loan shark and gangster later on in life.

Sharky describes Pattaya as his preferred place to live, his ‘American Dream’ allowing him to walk the streets shirtless in his Tims and bling, amongst misfits such as himself. Initiated in the ubiquitous corruption that both plagues and nourishes Pattaya, Sharky never leaves home without a rolled up wad of 20 000 Bhat bribery money stuffed into his tiny gym shorts.

Sharky is a pimp to approximately 600 sexy ladies (or lady boys), is never seen far from his staff, who he protects with his life. Having a profound understanding of the perspective that Thai prozzies have of their white clients, stating that they see white people as weak and hate their clients more, the more money they flash at them. Their ethos is to get in and get out asap, do as little as possible to give the client as much as possible. The rule of The Game: Don’t get emotionally involved. Business is business. Trust no one. This rule aptly applies to both Sharky’s Streetfighter persona and his girls, making them kind of kindred spirits. He doesn’t have time for girlfriends and needy bitchbags to bring him down, describing his sexual tastes as ‘catch and release’. If he has a good time with a girl, he never takes her number, leaving it up to chance if they ever see each other again.

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For downtime, this 48 year old can still keep it up (Yay for testosterone injections!) and enjoys picking up ladies on the beach that look like under-age Thai Barbies, taking them home to split like a piece of wet pine. Sharky takes the girls under his wing and flings them onto his bed, like those throw pillows bitches love so much. Afterwards, he lets his girls have free reign of his house, eating his food and skyping their boyfriends and posing for naughty pics at his beach house. Believe it or not, being a hulk has its drawbacks; Sharky actually has trouble catching the ladies, as they all think he is out for a bit o’ rapey-rapey. He gets it though and sees it as part of The Game, while he used to feel rejected, he now understands the emotionless perspective of his ladies who are just looking out to make money and keep themselves safe. He may be soft on his girls, but if you owe him money, you better run while you can, ‘cause he be comin’ for those kneecaps bitch.

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