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Money Team Mayweather
Floyd Mayweather – The Money Team | TMT

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a legendary boxer with a long standing undefeated title.

Surfacing from the typical “rags-to-riches” story, Mayweather now owns a multi-million Dollar corporation and has risen to the thing air of Aristocracy, or so he would have you think. Prancing around the world with the confidence of a boxer and the brains to match, Mayweather fancies himself a prime example of the African- American success story.

Mayweather's career in boxing distinguished him as one of the world's greatest boxers and his invincibility was well-known. As sports go, Boxing is certainly one of the more entertaining past-times and beyond the display of physical prowess, just watching one man punch another is exceptionally gratifying. Mayweather doesn't exactly break the paradigm of society, a young man who was groomed to box ends up being the one of the highest paid athletes of all time is hardly an original life-story. Mayweather has made a point of associating himself with similar Americans and appears to thoroughly enjoy the fame and fortune he acquired throughout his career. No longer gracing the ring with his quick feet and steel smile, Mayweather now focus's his energy on his business ventures. Pursuing the American dream like a well trained Capitalist, Mayweather has sunk his fortunes into his business: The Money Team (TMT).

A quick glance at the company's site affirms what one can come to expect from a former boxer – a company that seems to sell nothing but turns over a profit each year. At least TMT doesn't sell an appliance for drying out meat, but the merchandise they do sell is appallingly repulsive. The 'Ghetto' style seems to be his market and most of the apparel is reminiscent of long standing branded clothing, neither better nor worse. TMT appears to sell merely the idea of being wealthy, overly 'blinging' clothing that just screams gypsy Euro-trash. Not letting personal taste interfere with objective assessment, it must be said that Mayweather certainly is making mark in American society. His account of events sees him growing up in the projects, enduring the hardships of poverty and abuse, only to rise above the scum and prove his worth. Of course his father vehemently denies abusing him and maintains that Mayweather Jr. was raised in a safe and comfortable environment, only ever encouraged in his endeavours. The dispute extends to Mayweather's boxing, Jr. claiming he had to work hard to impress, while Snr. supposedly always saw the talent and almost forced Jr. to box. While both claim the inspiration to Mayweather's success, the culprit is obviously society. A dream force fed into the gullet of every poor man, Mayweather bit, hook, line and sinker. So what if he had to have his brains punched out every other weekend and play jester to the sadistic dupes who support the sport. Mayweather now owns more money than most African countries and is hawking bizarrely popular clothing.

Does it matter that Mayweather is only perpetuating the grotesque cycle of oppression? To most probably not. Besides there are rumours, neigh “unconfirmed reports”, that Mayweather could have ties to Judaism. Who could deny Mayweather respect? Having fought the hardships of poverty in the “Ghetto” and then discovering his calling to Judaism, Mayweather is the ultimate under-dog.

Could there be any better role-model for young Americans? A man who, apparently beyond all odds, now owns billions of Dollars and successful company. Very original. 

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