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Get Money Smart – 10 Tips to Help Manage Your Money

Your level of financial education is crucial in determining your financial wellbeing and success.

Would you trust yourself to fly an aircraft without the proper training and education? I doubt it.

So why do you trust your ability to manage your finances without having the proper education and training? You cannot control or manage something that you do not understand – and if you are able to do so to some extent, I guarantee you that the gaps in your knowledge and experience will hold you back from achieving the financial wellbeing and success you deserve.

Get financially educated.

So, how do we get started on improving our financial education? One of the best ways is to use the internet to self-educate.

You can start by reading some general opinions on financial management, budgeting and saving and move on to the more complex and detailed expert content once you’ve gotten familiar with all the financial terminologies and major components of the subject.

You could sign up for a podcast, seminar or download some books on the subject – the options are endless!

Create your own financial plan.

Another great way to start is by talking to people who have good financial plans or extensive experience in the matter because you’ll never be able to create a good financial plan if you’ve never even an example of one!

Even the most perfunctory glance at a good financial plan will immediately highlight the errors within our own financial planning, assuming that we even have a financial plan (we’ll get to that in a moment).

Pay a financial expert.

If all else fails – get some expert advice by consulting with a financial advisor, they will charge you for their services but, will probably save you from having to deal with serious financial difficulties in the future and probably set you up for life – which we can all agree is worth every cent!

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