10 Tips to Help Manage Your Money

manage your money
Manage your money, Effective finance management

Money management is as universally important as good manners and – we have to learn how to work with it.

When you hear or read the phrases ‘financial management’ or ‘financial tips,’ I bet you can’t help but visualize some old relic from a recognized banking establishment droning on and on about ‘savings’ and ‘investments’ and other such unappealing and daunting long term commitments.

But the reality is, as it has always been, that money management is as universally important as good manners and - we have to learn how to work with it. This, in a world offering a myriad of delights that we can purchase online without even leaving the comforts of our home!

It goes without saying that the best teacher is experience – and when it comes to money most of us learn a little too late. That’s why it’s wise, not only educate yourself on financial matters but, to constantly evaluate, update and stick to a financial “plan”.

Most people think that a financial plan is a complex financial document that you keep locked away in a safe but it’s not really that complex and doesn’t have to be complied by a financial expert; you have to become your own financial expert. A sound financial plan is just as effective if stored in your mind as it would be if it were filed away next to your insurance policies – what matters is that you put it into practice.

If we develop good financial habits, our life journey becomes less wrought with overwhelming difficulties and more about realizing our dreams and recognizing the many opportunities that come our way.

This is not to say that it is ‘plane- sailing’ if our financial habits are healthy. That would be simplistic thinking.

However, managing our money carefully and thoughtfully allows us the freedom of choosing and pursuing what we want in life and more importantly, the means to cope with the unexpected ‘blows’ that life will ultimately throw at us.


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