You Rely on One Income Stream

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you rely on 1 income stream
You Rely on One Income Stream: 9 Reasons You’ll Never Be Rich

You’re a nine-to-fiver.

You're earning a pretty good income at the moment and are focused on your next big promotion – and nothing else. You may be thinking you're destined to prosper but relying solely on one income stream will in no way make you a rich man just as working for someone else won’t either.

If we take a look at the most successful people in the world – they all have one thing in common – they took the plunge and ventured out on their own and it paid off – big time.

If you truly want financial freedom and success you have to work on setting up and maintaining multiple sources of income. This doesn’t mean that you have to dump your day job and rush off into the unknown but, it does mean that you have to take a serious look at investing your hard earned cash into something that has a high potential for growth and good returns that can be maintained over a long period of time.

What people don’t realize is that they could easily lose their jobs and find themselves actively searching for employment for longer than they ever thought possible. Having nothing left to fall back, you could end up in a devastating financial position that even your emergency fund won’t be able to cover.

Having a part-time job, side-business, online income stream, property or stock portfolio will ensure that you have something to fall back on if times get tough and will also ensure that you're earning potential isn’t limited to the number of working hours in a day.

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