You Entertain Bad Relationships

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You Entertain Bad Relationships: 9 Reasons You’ll Never Be Rich

It’s been statistically proven that married men earn more than single men.

But getting divorced, as a man – well you can pretty much figure it out… you’ll be half the man you once were and your ex will be worth more than she’s ever been worth.

If you plan on getting married any time soon you should seriously consider getting a prenuptial agreement – after all, if she loves you she won’t care that you're not willing to lose everything you’ve worked so hard for if the relationship doesn’t go as planned. There are many women out there who want nothing more than to laze around spending your money while literally sucking the life out of you. If your partner or spouse isn’t contributing to your household or is a careless spender – then it’s time for you to put your foot down and cut the fuel line. The problem isn’t only the blood-sucking spouse but the husband or partner who enables them by accepting this type of behavior.

This doesn’t only apply to your significant other but to friends and any family members who have made it a habit to pass on their bills and problems onto you. If you really care about them than you have to learn how to say no – you can’t provide for them forever and they need to learn how to take care of themselves.

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