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wasting your time
You’re Wasting Time: 9 Reasons You’ll Never Be Rich

The only thing that you can never get back is time.

If you go to work and barely get anything done then get home and spend the night watching TV – you're never going to progress in any aspect of your life. If you spend more time tapping away on your iPhone than you do working on your studies, relationships and goals than you’re going to end up moving backwards instead of forwards.

It may be difficult to go from couch potato to superman – but if you set your mind to it and work at it, you’ll soon be wondering what the hell you were doing with your time. You won’t find a single self-made millionaire that can be accused of being a couch potato because it’s simply impossible to make money if you're not actively working. To make money you simply have to be willing to work hard while everyone else lazes around.

Rich people are masters of managing time and their resources – start with the former and you’ll already be half-way there. People that make decide to lose weight and get into shape are motivated to keep going not because hard work feels good but because of their results – and successful people keep going because they know the taste of success is better than the bitterness of stagnation. In addition, there is no motivator that is as powerful as success and using every waking hour in a productive way will yield some serious results and this will motivate you to keep at it and work harder.

Procrastination is another deadly time-waster that can eat away at your goals and dreams like a plague of locusts – never say you’ll do something tomorrow that you have the time and capability to do right now.

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