Your mind is on the future – not stuck in the past

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your mind is on the future
Your Mind is on the Future: 8 Signs you're going to be Filthy Rich

Rich people are always thinking ahead and are rarely, if ever, looking to the past.

Poor and average people are always talking about “the good old days” – they can’t get their heads out of past which makes it very hard for them to concentrate on building any sort of a future. Imagine if you owed a multi-million dollar company and were constantly hammering at your employees for a past failure instead of discussing and encouraging them to work on achieving success on a current project?

You’d probably never get anything done – not to mention the fact that you're employees will hate you which will certainly result in poor performance. People that are stuck in the past cannot move past failure, rejection and fear are those very same people who lead average or “comfortable” lives but never get even close to a six figure income. In addition, those who are constantly dwelling on the past are more likely to suffer from depression, anxiety and social rejection – which obviously doesn’t do much to improve you're earning potential.

If your mind is constantly on your future, goals and next move - than you probably know where you're going and you're probably going to get there!

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