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surround yourself with people better than you
People who are better than you: 8 Signs you're going to be Filthy Rich

It goes without saying that those that are truly successful are those who surround themselves with people that are smarter, richer and more successful than them.

If you hang around with people that do not challenge, teach or improve you in any way – than chances are you're probably going to end up just like them – or even worse off. If you're the kind of person who isn’t afraid and intimidated to hang around with people that are more successful than you’re probably a rich man in the making! It may be hard to be around people that seem to always have more, know more and be doing more but it really does alter you're mindset and give you the knowledge, confidence and advice that only someone above you is entitled and qualified to give.

It is virtually impossible to be surrounded by affluent people and not have some of it rub off on you – no matter where you come from. If the 5 people you spend most of your time with are richer than you than chances are your finances will follow suit. They teach you how to think, how to make money, how to negotiate among a hoard of other critical skills that you can’t learn anywhere else!

If you're already surrounded by people that are better than you – your next step should be to find a mentor who is where you want to be – a millionaire perhaps? Finding a millionaire mentor to help you pave the way to financial freedom and success isn’t easy but it’s certainly the most effective way to reach your goals. This mentor should, if possible be in the same industry that you're in and obviously be willing to feed you the information that you need to follow in his footsteps. A mentor that has a very large network and can introduce you to people in power is the most effective type of mentor.

You may be thinking that no single millionaire on earth would be willing to let you pick their brains but, truth is most of them are where they are because they’re great leaders that are willing to pass on knowledge and ideas. The reason for this may be because most of them got to where they are because someone gave them a break, mentored them and had the patience to show them the ropes.

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