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Earning money young: 8 Signs you're going to be Filthy Rich

There aren’t many self-made millionaires that don’t have a story to share about how they started earning money from a very young age.

Bill Gates – the richest man on earth, started earning money at age 16 when he and three colleagues were hired by Information Sciences Inc to create a payroll program in return for royalties and free computer time to polish up on their skills.

Even more impressive is Warren Buffet whose earliest earnings came from the door-to-door selling of chewing gum, coke bottles and magazines while also working in his grandfather’s grocery shop - the jobs and entrepreneurial ventures just kept on multiplying and improving as he grew older and when he was a teenager he started and then sold his first business. Buffet and a friend bought a pinball machine that they stationed outside of a barber shop – a few months later they had bought and strategically placed more pinball machines outside of various barber shops in their area. The business they had started was then sold to a war veteran for $1200 – which was an impressive figure at the time – more so because it was earned by mere teenagers!

I'm sure many of you had the odd garden cleaning, car washing or newspaper delivering jobs when you were young but it’s the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit really makes the average kids stand out from the rest. If you started earning money from a very young age – and continued to do so throughout your young life and are still on the lookout for money-making opportunities you're probably going to make it – BIG TIME.

Studies have shown that children who actively partook in entrepreneurial activities earned, on average 2.3 times more as adults than those who didn’t!

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