Why You Shouldn't Get Married Too Young

Why You Shouldn't Get Married Too Young
Why You Should Not Get Married Too Young

We see it all the time; young people getting married straight out of college or even straight out of high school.

It appears to have almost become a type of trend for our generation.

Once you get to be about 23 years old, all you seem to see on your Facebook page is notifications informing you that half of your graduate class is either married, having babies or both.

This makes you think about whether it is normal to be getting married at such a young age, after all, a century or so ago, people were being married off at 14. You might even wonder if you are falling behind or whether you should just get it over with and ask your significant other to tie the knot. Well, do not fret. Studies show that 60% of couples, who get married between the ages of 20 to 25, will end up getting divorced.

So if you are feeling rushed by all you high school and college mates who seem far too eager to get started on their families, then perhaps it is time to enlighten yourself in all the reasons why you should not consider marrying young.

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