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Reduce Stress: Boost your Sex Drive – Naturally | Lifestyle

Stress is one of the most common reasons that men struggle with a low sex drive – and it can surpass the effect that physical exhaustion can have, by far.

When you're highly stressed at work chances are high that you will not feel like having sex when you get home. If you're having relationship problems your sex drive will also be affected. This is because stress and emotional distress have a variety of negative effects on the human body and mind that can affect every aspect of your life. The best way to reduce stress is to find ways to manage and deal with it that work for you. Exercise and sleep are two of the most powerful stress reliving activities one can do but there are other less-common strategies that include meditation, breathing techniques and lifestyle changes. Taking a slow walk, two-day holiday or simply taking a day-off will certainly help you relieve stress and get back on track – so choose to take it easy and try taking some time off to unwind. Depression is also another significant factor that tends to render people unable to feel any sexual desire.

Depression is very different to stress and sadness as it is a serious psychological illness that lasts for a very long time and cannot be easily rectified. If you're depressed you will definitely feel a reduction or complete loss of sexual desire but what’s worse is that the majority of drugs prescribed to people suffering from depression will cause a further decline in sex drive. The good news is that the majority of people who are prescribed antidepressants will regain their sexual drive once they stop taking them and begin recovering from their depression.

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