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Exercise: Boost your Sex Drive – Naturally | Lifestyle

You don’t have to be the fittest guy on earth – but you have to be active enough to ensure your body remains relatively fit and that all your muscles receive adequate supply of oxygen and blood to function optimally.

This goes hand in hand with looking after your heart but exercise plays a much bigger role in determining sexual drive than simply keeping your blood flow going. When you exercise endorphins are released into your blood which lifts your mood and improves sexual desire. In addition, have a toned body is really appealing and will boost you confidence while being fit will help you keep going for longer – either way exercising for at least 30 minutes 4 times a week is enough to improve your sexual desire and performance 10 fold. This being said, over-exercising can have the reverse effect in men – since physical exhaustion is well known to kill libido and put you into a catabolic-like state that numbs the emotions which is very common amongst many professional athletes.

Maintaining a balanced exercise routine is very important in helping you develop and maintain a healthy sexual appetite so if you’re not exercising at all or, are exercising too much, now is the time to find a balance.

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