Take responsibility & Know when to walk away

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Take responsibility & Know when to walk away: 10 Things Every Man Should Master | Lifestyle

Learn how to let things go and how to apologise.

This applies to everything from your work life to your personal life. If you’ve made a mistake – admit it, get over it and move on – it’s that simple.

When you achieve any form of success know how to politely take a compliment whether it’s from your boss or from your mom and most of all, know when to accept rejection and how to get it over it - fast. Men have fragile egos; let’s just admit to that one thing. We hate it when women say no because it spurs in us the need to try harder. It brings out the cavemen in us and we try and try again. Be the man that lets it go when the lady clearly shows no interest or is playing games. There are still plenty of fish in the sea. Don’t get so hung up on the one who refuses to be caught and if you want to get an ex girlfriend back – do it the right way.

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