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Negotiate & Hold a conversation: 10 Things Every Man Should Master | Lifestyle

Imagine sitting in the company of some extraordinary people and you have no idea how to hold your weight in the conversation?

If you’re not a smooth talker and struggle to keep up with the people around you than you have a lot of work to do. Don’t just focus on learning about your own interests and industry – broaden your horizons so that you are able to hold a conversation with just about anyone and on just about any topic. You don’t have to be the biggest sports fanatic or an expert on surviving in the wilderness but, it wouldn’t hurt to know how to keep the room entertained with a bit of general knowledge and wit. Pick up a book or two and learn about different cultures and any other topic you’re not too knowledgeable about. Get to know the world around you so that you don’t sound like a colossal idiot at the dinner table.

What better opportunity to run your mouth than when you’re in the company of people you need to establish a good relationship with to further your career and life in general? In addition, you should master the skill of negotiating – and not just on the purchase price of car but, on everything from your next salary increase salary to who’s going to be doing the dishes after dinner.

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