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A real man knows the inner workings of a car like the back of his hand.

Sure we’re usually too busy to service our own cars but, this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have the knowledge and experience to fix it if it breaks or to engage in an in-depth conversation on the topic.

Changing a flat in 15 minutes flat? Damn right. Oil, water and brake fluid changes? No problem, if our schedules permit it. Taking a hit at identifying issues under the hood before a mechanic gets a chance to take a look? You bet it.

Driving is a whole other ball game and you need to be better than good - forget parallel and reverse parking – you should have mastered that even before you could take an informed look under the hood. Even if you think you’re driving skills are top of the range - take the plunge and learn how to really work the one machine that wins you applause all round by taking a professional driving course.

This will teach you how to master your speed, turns, pull-offs and how to maintain control in the toughest of conditions in addition to a ton of “fun stuff” you simply can’t practice on your daily commute to work. Just think Jason Statham in Transporter and you’ll be sold.

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